The need to handle heavy machinery is essential for most infrastructure projects and development around the world. Construction, mining, cleaning, military working and various other functions are involving the operation of heavy equipment such as trucks, towing services, excavation and drilling. This skill set specialization remains where demand is occurring in human development. Thus, the search for jobs of a heavy equipment operator is often as simple as looking where construction boom is occurring. Getting a job on the other hand requires overcoming a few obstacles.

Flexibility helps

Heavy equipment operation changes in details from a project to another. There is a solid area throughout the year just to drivers and operators of cranes, or for this type of equipment. As a result, operators have more successful based contracts if they are familiar with the operation of various types of equipment. For example, a truck driver may vary in their skill set in the operation of large mine haul trucks, semitrailer trucks and dump trucks.

The location

Most of the use of heavy equipment will be in a place where development is literally where it happens for the first time. This means it is likely you will have to go to a land and climate where it is still wild jungle, hot, arid, cold and downright hostile absent any infrastructure to accommodate live. If you can’t face working in these conditions, many jobs of heavy equipment will not be suitable for you. Many places abroad will be in third world countries which are mainly agricultural communities with few facilities for living.

Care and dangers

With large mobile equipment is a high risk of personal danger. Accidents occur frequently, despite regular reminders of the security and attention to situational awareness. The weather and fatigue can easily lead to inattention and so someone gets hurt. The common injuries involve transfers of equipment, equipment falling, blowing of parts or, worse, get caught between moving vehicles.

Prepare the basic requirements

Typical requirements for new heavy equipment contractors or employees involve specific driving license before allowing anyone to operate several vehicles. While professional training is offered generally it required to have high school and often a college education. Trucking licenses in hand are common requirements for specific machinery. In special cases, you need specific experience of handling before a candidate can be considered for a job abroad.


When working abroad you are subject to the rules and regulations of the foreign country in which you will work, which requires you to have the approval of the necessary immigration and employment status while you’re in a foreign country. Unlike the first world countries, many third world countries require you to have an entry visa approved before you can cross the border. Otherwise, you can be jailed immediately. At a minimum you will need a valid passport, be 18 years of age and proof of your employment with the company. In addition, there may be required several vaccines and checkups for your own safety and that of others.

Areas of recent demand

Until 2009, the Middle East and Dubai in particular, had a strong demand for heavy equipment operators. It was not unusual for 10-15 towers were built simultaneously in the local area. However, the global economic situation has slowed progress here. Other prime locations tend to be the areas of oil production, exploration of the Arctic, Latin America (Brazil), with its peak of development, China, India and Saudi Arabia. Disaster areas also need help often for infrastructure.